Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random Food-Related Items

How exactly does one decide whether bleu cheese has gone bad?

I was looking around for a quick lunch the other day, and I managed to round up a box of crackers and a wedge of bleu cheese that I had used for a recipe a couple of weeks back. But was it still good, or had it gone the way of most dairy products in our fridge, forgotten and weaponized?

It looked like bleu cheese looks, but that was no help. And bleu cheese always smells like something died, even on the day it is made.

In the end, I took the chance. Anything strong enough to colonize my bleu cheese probably would seek me out and kill me in my sleep rather than wait for me to eat it.


I made biscotti today - part of the hibernation/holiday process, no doubt. This is the time of year when the old family recipes come out of the cookbook and provide comfort and warmth against the blowing snow and free-falling temperatures.

They even came out okay, much to my surprise.

We can't do the almond ones, so I made vanilla/anise biscotti. It's a good combination.


You cannot go wrong with a potluck in Wisconsin.

Sunday night was the annual holiday potluck for Kim's (and, intermittently, my) campus. We gathered at a friend's house and feasted on more good food than should be allowed to people of my general age and proportions. Good food and good company, can't ask for much more than that.

The only exception to this rule is during rhubarb season. There is a reason why these potlucks now feature assigned categories of dishes to bring - one event consisting solely of rhubarb and red wine is enough for anyone. Even if you like rhubarb.

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