Monday, December 8, 2008

The Latest From the Runway

Lauren is all stripey today.

From the moment she was old enough to know which drawers held which items of clothing in her dresser, Lauren has insisted on choosing her own clothes. This is not something that has ever interested Tabitha, who seems to share my general sense of what clothing is for ("warm in the winter, out of jail in the summer") and who only recently could be cajoled into choosing her own outfits. Lauren, though, has always had other ideas.

As to what those ideas are, well, sometimes it is better not to know the specific line of reasoning that leads to certain outfits. One must sleep at night, after all. But they make her happy, and that is all you can ask. As long as she is dressed appropriately for the weather, I'm okay with it.

Oddly enough, she has a very good sense of color. She can match color schemes better than I can, and many of the outfits she comes up with are really nice. She also has a definite sense of style - she likes layers, for example, favoring button-downs on top of other shirts, and she generally wears pants instead of tights under dresses. Also, some day she will move to a place where she can wear flip-flops and tank-tops year-round, and I will miss her.

But patterns? Sometimes even my fashion-free, Escher-loving eyes water.

It must be interesting to be a kindergarten teacher and look out over your class every morning. I'll bet it isn't hard to figure out which kids chose their own outfits that day.

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