Sunday, January 10, 2010

News and Updates

1. Kim and I want out with some friends last night and saw Avatar, and if that movie doesn't win some kind of award for cinematography and/or special effects then something is very, very wrong. The plot was okay, but the experience was astonishing.

2. Seeing the movie spared me the aggravation of watching the Eagles get demolished by the Evil Empire of Football for the second week in a row. At least they scored this week.

3. My new replacement computer seems to be doing well, keeping its alcohol consumption to reasonable levels and remaining conscious at all times. So my old one has now been moved over to the living room, where it becomes Lauren's. Kim's old one, now Tabitha's, is right next to it and we look forward to dueling YouTube videos in the near future.

4. It is sad brass monkey weather out there this weekend, so my only foray outside today has been to wander over to my neighbor's house to collect the spare newspapers he leaves out on his porch for me. New York Times Book Review section! The weekend is gold.

5. Having three children in sleeping bags in your living room overnight is not as restful as it sounds. Particularly not when the cats are about and the hamsters are doing whatever it is that hamsters do at night (hold meetings, it sounds like) and the furnace is loudly trying to keep up with subzero temperatures and nobody feels quite comfortable and the morning can't come soon enough. And then it does and the children feel just fine. How do they do that?

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