Thursday, October 30, 2008

Signs of the Times

Some gutless coward stole my neighbor's "McCain" sign. They left my "Obama" sign alone, which I guess I am supposed to feel grateful for, or even appreciative of.

What a steaming load of nonsense.

One of my favorite political stories concerns a nameless British parliamentarian who took it upon himself to be the welcoming committee for all the new MPs from his party. At one point during the tour of the House of Commons that he would give the newcomers, he would invariably stop and point across to where the other party's MPs sat. "Those people over there are your opponents," he would say. "Your enemies are on your own side."

It disturbs me that there are morons running loose in the streets who think that stealing signs is the proper way to conduct themselves in an election season. The whole point of the affair is to hear what each side has to say, decide what is most in line with your own views, and support that side. I know that American elections haven't come close to that ideal for, oh, ever - but I can still dream.

It makes me want to go out and get my neighbor a new sign, even if it means walking into the local Republican party headquarters to do so. I may have to wash my hands after doing so, but my conscience will be clean.

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