Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Two-Wheeled Velocipede

Today Tabitha discovered that she really can ride a bike.

We've been working on this in a rather haphazardly off-and-on fashion since spring - running up and down the block every few weeks or so, trying to get her to balance and me to not have a coronary and die. We had actually gotten pretty close in August - the balance thing, not the coronary thing - before mechanical difficulties prevented us from continuing. And there it sat.

This bothered Kim greatly.

So today Tabby and I headed out into the wilds of the sidewalk again, and this time I finally let go and off she went. Back and forth. Whirr! Zoom! Look out!

She never did fall over, which was nice, though she did eventually whack into the neighbor's fence post while turning into the driveway. No harm done. And later, after dinner, she took off again just to show Mom it could be done.

Now she is mobile, and her world expands yet again. Not bad.

Don't sell the bike shop, Orville. You've got customers.

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