Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wild and Crazy Times

Apparently the secret to productivity involves being trapped like a cornered rat and beaten about the head and shoulders by oncoming deadlines.

Hey – it works for me.

After two years of wasted effort, active avoidance, passive resistance, interested bursts of creativity, despairing periods of inactivity, and frantic attempts to catch up – along with two complete training days nearly a year apart and a signed contract that I’m not sure anyone actually can find anymore – I finally uploaded the last bit of my online class yesterday. And with hours to spare before my deadline.  What was I worried about?

I then sent emails to the various supervisors who had been waiting for this moment, because that’s what you do in this situation – you share the joy.

I posted it on Facebook, where a friend of mine gave me well-deserved grief for my “get off my lawn” attitude toward technology. Well who got kicked off whose lawn now, huh? Huh? Take that, technology! Dave 1, Technology 0! Boo-yah! [Insert happy dance here.]

I then called Kim and said I should do something to celebrate. “Like what?” she asked.

That’s why I married her – because she gets right to the heart of the issue.

I never did figure out an answer to that question. After dinner Kim took Tabitha off for a shopping expedition in craft-store territory – Tabitha has discovered Celtic lettering and wants to explore further – so Lauren curled up next to me on the sofa and we watched most of Stardust, which is a most excellent movie.

And perhaps that answered the question after all.

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