Saturday, January 8, 2011


I’m not going to write about politics today.

For one thing, I never intended for this blog to become a purely political blog. I’ve had a lot of political things to say of late, and frankly I’ve got a couple more that I’d like to put out there, but not today. I'll get to them another time, don't worry. This blog is for me to write whatever is on my mind, and politics will be on my mind again no doubt. But not today.

For another thing, I’m not really sure I would like anything I would say about politics today. I find myself sickened and angered by events and I don’t really think anything I’d say would be all that helpful. No matter where I start, it would all end up in the same place. Unlike a number of people whom I would no doubt have named and then called any number of other names, however accurate those other names might be, I know when to shut up and not make things worse.

Would that everyone had this skill.

Finally, I have other things to talk about. Life goes on, and it was a pretty good day today here in Our Little Town.

More on that in a bit.


Eric said...

It's too early to say anything about the dire stuff, anyway; a lot of rumor and uncertainty, and best to wait and say something thoughtful if one says anything.

I am glad Tabitha had a great birthday party, and that your family's well.

David said...

Thanks, Eric. It is good to be reminded that the little things are the big things after all.