Thursday, July 8, 2010

Scenes From The Ride Home

Coming home from picking the girls up at summer school today we had the following conversation:

David: Tomorrow is your last day of swimming lessons, girls! It’s fun day. They said for parents to bring their suits too, and we can swim with you.

Lauren: Even Mom?

David: Yes, if she can get off work, I suppose. Why, do you not want Mom to come?

Lauren: You know that thing when kids get older and their Moms become uncool?

David: Yes.

Lauren: Well, it’s happening.

David: Oh. [Pause.] It is happening to Dads too?

Lauren: No.

David: Is this because I am still cool, or because I was never cool to begin with?

Lauren: No, you’re still cool.

Tabitha: No you’re not, Dad. You were never cool.

You know, there’s really not much to say after that.


KimK said...

Well, you know Lauren told me the other day that my music in the car sucks: "Mom, can we listen to the radio? Your music is bringing me down."


Unknown said...

Heck, the only thing you can say is "thirty years from now you may remember this conversation" but that is such an uncool thing to say.