Monday, March 15, 2010

Merry Spring

I took down the Christmas lights today.

Yes, I know it's March. It's Pi Day, in fact - 3.14, when all good citizens of this great land should go out and have a tasty dessert full of sugary goodness. Make mine a tart cherry pie, or a chocolate silk pie. And I'll do my best to reduce its radius forthwith. Because I'm just mathematical that way.

We lost our lawn well before Christmas, and only now, after a week of Dickensian fog and occasional torrential rains, is the town not covered in snow. We didn't get the horrendous storms that they got out east this year, but we got enough that I thought to myself, "Self, I am not getting up on a ladder in the snow to take down a bunch of lights that didn't work anyway."

And if I wasn't going to do that, then it didn't seem worthwhile to take down the little spiral tree-like thing that I put on the lawn itself, either. They were a set, really. It seemed a shame to take down one and not the other.

But now they're gone, and technically I got this done while it was still winter.

Spring is coming, though.  Heh heh heh.

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Beatrice Desper said...

An angel decoration lies in the corner of our living room. It may make it back to the closet before Easter or it may get to stay out until next Christmas!