Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Report From Sick Bay

Now I know how the last dodo bird felt.

It's been a tough couple of days here in Baja Canada, what with all of the flu and cold and general crud going around our house. Kim started feeling bad on Monday, and then this morning neither she nor Tabitha made it out of the house. I took Lauren to school - it was the last day of Sign Language Club, and she was bound and determined to go even if she had to beat back alligators with her toothbrush - and went to Home Campus to give a student a makeup exam.

I didn't make it to my noon meeting, as I could feel Crud coming on and I felt it best if I didn't pass that on too much. Lauren made it to dinnertime before succumbing.

They're just dropping like flies.

I'm actually feeling fairly good now - laying low all afternoon was precisely the right course of action, and I'll probably be back teaching tomorrow, he said without a trace of irony and what is that ominous violin music playing in the background?

No, I can't get sick. Not until someone else is better. Somebody has to make the pharmacy runs for more ibuprofen and tissues.

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