Thursday, May 5, 2011

Employee Appreciation Day!

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you are being toyed with but that you can’t quite wrap your head around the sheer scope of the con without your head exploding?

I have.

Yesterday Governor Teabagger (a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries) declared the day to be State Employee Appreciation Day here in Wisconsin. He even posted a YouTube video on the subject.

No, I'm not going to link to the video. He can promote his program on his own time, thank you very much.

I have actually seen this video, though. In fact, I made it all the way through its minute-plus length without once laughing, crying, or attempting to reach through the computer screen to express my opinion on the subject directly to its author in physically intimate ways. For which I think I deserve a medal, by the way. The video is an astonishing display of cluelessness and condescension, though I will admit that the comments below it are worth the price of admission.

Not everyone is buying it – let’s just put it that way.

Guess what gang? It’s State Employee Appreciation Day! Nominate your favorite state employee for a prize!

A prize? We get a prize? I've always liked prizes. Now, what sort of prize do you think we might be getting?

Do we get to stop tithing Governor Teabagger (a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries) in order to pay for his tax cuts to the wealthy and the salaries of the unqualified cronies he has hired into important positions?

Do we get the return of our rights of freedom of speech and freedom of association? Will we no longer get arrested or ticketed for daring to exercise the provisions of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution while in the Wisconsin State Capitol?

Do we get the rule of law back in Wisconsin? Democracy? A government that cares more about running the state than feathering the nest of its campaign contributors? Free and fair elections where votes aren’t “discovered” on the personal computer of partisan hacks and then added to the Teabagger total in order to produce fraudulent victories? A regime that regards court decisions as lawfully binding instead of nuisances to be ignored in their blind quest for power?

How about a legislature that actually lets the minority party vote? One that recognizes and follows the state constitution when it passes or publishes bills?

Hell, if we could choose from that list of prizes, I might be tempted to take this program seriously.

My guess is that we are more likely to get a nice certificate in a tastefully non-descript frame, though, and maybe a $20 gift certificate for Dixie paper products (furnished of course by the Koch brothers, who own that company too).

It is frankly astonishing that this governor, a pantsless buffoon who has made his disdain and contempt for the honest workers of the State of Wisconsin so abundantly plain over the last four months, would have the sheer clueless idiocy to even suggest, let alone promote, such a blisteringly stupid idea.

You know why satire is dead in America?

Because it has to compete with stuff like this.

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