Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why Can't Us Again?

Well, it seems the Phillies are back in the World Series. It's always good to be pleasantly surprised.

I haven't actually been watching many of the games. This is not to say I haven't been paying attention to them - I've been logging in to various websites for score updates, and occasionally flicking the TV on and off to see how things are going. But watching the actual games has been just too stressful, and I have enough of that in my world as it is.

Plus, every time I tune in to watch, bad things happen for the WFCs, so I figure I shouldn't watch. Bad luck and all that. Oh well. Sports doth make pagans of us all.

There is a certain narcissism in that, really - that the world turns on what I choose to do or not do. I've learned over the years that the world really does not worry too much about what I do or not do, but this lesson has had precious little impact on my day to day life, really. Certainly not when teams I support are involved.

I watched the last batter of game four, when the Phillies were down by a run with two out and two on in the bottom of the ninth. I saw it come up on the website and figured I'd at least show willing and watch them fall. And then two pitches later they won. Apparently I woke people up at that point. I don't recall, honestly.

Tonight I decided that I'd just watch the Phillies bat. That way the worst that I'd see was them doing nothing. But they just kept hitting and scoring, and eventually they won big - the second game in the series where they outscored the Eagles' last effort. I did stick around to see the Dodgers bat in the top of the ninth so I could see them clinch a World Series berth for an unprecedented second time in a row.

Yes, I know they will likely be playing the Yankees, for whom only twice in a row is an off cycle. Fie on them.

I think I will wear my World Series Champions sweatshirt to teach on Monday.

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Katherine McKay said...

Philllies fans uncharacteristically "celebrated responsibly," heeding Mayor Nutter's pleas, not that they weren't really loud, more than tipsy, or in the least subdued. Go Fans!