Tuesday, October 6, 2009

News and Updates

1. I have tried the hot sauce. It was tasty, but very hot. It has been several hours, now, and apparently I will live.

2. Hammy and Vee came back a while ago. We had sent them on to the next family in our Rent-A-Hamster plan, but that didn't last too long and so far we have not found anyone else to palm them off upon. I think we have hamsters for good now.

3. I am grading exams. I do not like grading exams, mostly because it serves to remind me of how little of what I say or do in class matters.

4. Having finished my most recent book, I have now moved on to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. You know, so far it's just More Of Same, although the chapters are considerably shorter.

5. Does anybody want to buy any Girl Scout Cookies?

6. It is now cool enough to justify drinking tea on a large scale again. Mmmmmm, tea.

7. The Phillies have made it into the post-season and face the Rockies in the Divisional Playoffs, starting tomorrow. Let the non-belief begin! I hope to be as pleasantly surprised by my inaccurate predictions as I was last year.

That is all.

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