Monday, December 29, 2014

Faces of Lauren, 2014

Every year around this time I go through my photographs in the fond hopes that somehow this will be the year we will get our Christmas cards out on time.  Hasn’t happened this year.  Didn’t happen at all last year.  Not sure when or if it will ever happen.  But hope springs eternal, and that is the foundation of the consumer economy.  I like to think that I am single-handedly responsible for keeping the terrorists from winning that way.

The other tradition that this search has inspired over the last few years is the annual Faces of Lauren post.  It started out as my own project, but Lauren has become more and more involved with the choosing of the photos as she has gotten older.  Last night we sat down together and went through the year’s bounty and this is the collection we came up with.



Megan said...

Excellent faces!

Unknown said...

Great pictures, the girls are getting so big! Speaking of xmas cards, wanted to send one to you two this year and don't have your address. How do we resolve this issue ;)