Sunday, March 30, 2014

News and Updates

1. People who write crossword puzzles should not be allowed to have null pairs of clues.  “12-down: Variant of 35-across” and “35-across: See 12-down” conveys no useful information.

2. Best comment I saw regarding the recent unlamented passing of one of the premier nuisances of our era: “Now that Fred Phelps is dead, how many horcruxes does Ann Coulter have left?”  File that under things I wish I’d thought of first.

3. It may or may not be spring here in Our Little Town.  When the rabbits can go outside and stay outside, it will be official.

4. Having an infected tooth and a rattling cough at the same time is just a recipe for not sleeping.  At least the infection seems to be going away, thanks to the meds.  We’ll see about the cough.

5. Apparently Wisconsin having the second-highest voting rate in the US was simply too much of a burden for Governor Teabagger (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries) to bear.  Fortunately, he corrected that last week by slashing the hours available for early voting.  That’ll teach those pesky citizens!  And – in a sure sign that satire is wasted on his ilk – on that very same day he also extended deadlines for lobbyists to make their bribes contributions.  Murca!

6. All of the things that I thought I’d have plenty of time to prepare in the beginning of the semester seem to be coming due and have not actually been prepared.  April may well be a very long month.  Fortunately, I have plenty of time available that I am not using for sleeping (vide supra).

7. It didn’t take long for our brackets to go down in flames.  Kim and I were both essentially reduced to one surviving team as of Friday.  This means I will probably win this year’s contest and gather in all the valuable prizes once we determine what, if any, those are.

8. Am I the only person in America who actually kind of likes the recent redesign of Facebook’s wall?  It’s not all that much different, and what is different seems cleaner than the old one.  Now if only I had more interesting things to say there.

9. Already our summer looks fully booked, and we’ve only managed to plan for half the things we want to do.  We will thus proceed to the over-booking stage of the summer.


Lee I said...

How recent do you mean about Facebook's new design? People have been bitching about it, as they do any change, but I haven't noticed anything different in quite awhile. Is it still being rolled out, or have I totally lost awareness (not impossible)?

David said...

It's been in the process of being rolled out for a while now, though it's possible you haven't gotten it yet. It's also possible you haven't noticed, since mostly it seems to have just made the pictures bigger, given the whole layout a bit more white space, and fiddled a bit with how links display.

Although yesterday I did notice that the toggle for "Most Recent" versus "Top Stories" got moved over to the side rather than the top. Perhaps they'll let us keep the one we want now instead of randomly restoring "Top Stories" all the time.

Beatrice Desper said...

Concerning voting, when is the USA going to wake up and vote on weekends? Hello!

David said...

The most pressing problem in the US regarding voting right now is that you have an entire political party that is on record as saying that it does not want people to vote because higher voter turnout is bad for their grip on power.

One crisis at a time.