Thursday, March 19, 2009

News and Updates

1. This working for a living thing really eats up a lot of time that might otherwise be spent blogging, surfing the web, sleeping, playing with my children, or reading. But it's this addiction to food and shelter - I can't shake it. So must work.

2. Lauren has been sick all week and staying home from school. It turned out to be an ear infection, which was odd as that was the one part of her body that she had not complained about. Her stomach hurt, her throat hurt, she had a headache, she had a fever, but nothing about the ears.

3. Kim is now sick as well, though with what we don't know. Tabitha has also looked tired of late. I suppose I'm next. Fortunately next week is Spring Break down at Home Campus (though not at On-Line U or Not Bad President Elementary), so I suppose I could get sick for my vacation. It would make sense.

4. Tonight we hosted an Irish folk-punk band down at Home Campus, and it was a hit. Lauren danced with abandon. Tabitha was fascinated by the violinist, and I tried to explain the difference between someone playing a violin and someone playing a fiddle. It's a conceptual thing.

5. Last week the Home Campus team, with yours truly on board, won another Trivia Night, this one a fundraiser for the local literacy council. Once again, our charge was simply to beat Local Tech, which would have been a whole lot easier if we hadn't been the two top teams and had to face off up front in a "best of 25" round. But we successfully defended the Home Campus title, and now we have two nice trophies in the case testifying to our mastery of things other people lead long productive lives without knowing.

6. I have been looking through the old family photos that I will eventually (I promise) scan in, and the main reaction I've had to the ones of me in high school and college is to wonder how I ever managed to get a date. Oh well. It was the 80s. It was not a fashionable time. I fit right in, though perhaps more so than was wise.

7. "It's not fun to smash things without my sister," said Lauren. I will try not to think about that any further.

8. The Ring is destroyed, but we don't know what happened to Pippen yet, so Tabitha and I continue to slog forward through The Lord of the Rings.

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KimK said...

The corollary to #7 being: It is fun to smash things with my sister. Yes, it's going to be an interesting summer.