Monday, February 2, 2009

Thoughts on the Super Bowl

I almost didn't watch the Super Bowl.

I know this is bordering on unpatriotic, but there you have it. What can I say? The teams didn't interest me much. Despite living in Pittsburgh for four years, I never did become much of a Steelers fan - Penguins, yes; even the Pirates for a while; but not the Steelers. Besides, didn't the Steelers already have fifty or sixty Super Bowl wins? Great googly moogly, people, step aside and let someone else have a turn. And the Cardinals have always annoyed me for those inscrutable reasons that sports fans have for not liking a team that has little or no impact on either your teams in particular or your life in general. So as far as I could tell, it was a game between a team I didn't like and a team that had already won too many times.

Not great drama.

Nor was I all that interested in the commercials. There might have been a time when the ads deserved all the hype, and I certainly remember a few games where they were the most entertaining part of the evening, but the ads have been rather lackluster of late, and you can always find them on-line anyway.

There was also the fact that the Eagles were not in it, after coming so close once again. I think I'm just tired of that. It's disheartening.

But eventually I did get sucked into it, and it went pretty well.

The ads were a bust, at least those I saw, but the game was rather exciting. Weird plays. Solid plays. Stout defense and sharp offense. Lead changes right at the end.

So I suppose it was worth watching.

Rah, Stillers. Yinz did good 'n 'at.

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