Saturday, January 16, 2021

Thoughts on the Trump Insurrection

On January 6, 2021, the United States of America was attacked by internal enemies.

A violent mob of insurrectionists, called together and urged forward by a seditious president, stormed the Capitol and attempted to overturn the legitimate results of a free and fair election in order to install the defeated president in power against the will of the American people. It is the first time in this nation’s history that the peaceful transfer of power was assaulted.

This attempted coup is treason. It is precisely why we have laws, courts, prisons, and armies.

Right-wing mobs roamed the halls of Congress on that day, intent on assassinating elected Representatives, Senators, and the Vice President because they would rather live in a Fascist dictatorship than see the Constitutional process of installing the next president play out. They shit on the floor, stole equipment and artifacts, and demonstrated a level of barbarity that should embarrass any rational adult.

It is telling that at no point in this insurrection did the defeated president consider leaving the White House, a mile and a half away. He knew very well that this was not a threat to him, after all. He refused to do anything to fix the problem for a long time as well, for the same reason.

Every single insurrectionist who set foot inside the Capitol is guilty of treason and subject to arrest, trial and punishment.

The Capitol Police were overwhelmed – at least some of them seemed to welcome the assault – and one of them was killed by an insurrectionist while resisting it. That makes every single insurrectionist who set foot in the Capitol guilty of felony murder and subject to arrest, trial, and punishment.

Every single individual who encouraged the insurrectionists, starting with the outgoing president of the United States, is guilty of sedition at the bare minimum and treason if their participation can be shown to extend to more than just verbal encouragement, and is subject to arrest, trial and punishment.

The more we find out about this assault on the United States, the worse it gets. The tentacles of treason reach far higher than the brute mob that broke into Congress, and as information trickles out it is clear that the mob was simply the most visible sign of a deeper attack on democracy and the American republic itself.

There must be consequences.

These consequences must be swift, thorough, and harsh. Every single insurrectionist, seditionist, and traitor must be made to feel the full weight of justice. They must be face the cold determination of American patriots. They must be reduced to where they will never again trouble the peace of Americans.

During the previous treasonous uprising against the United States, General William Tecumseh Sherman declared that “those who brought war into our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people can pour out.” This is a lesson we must heed today.

There must be no pause in the pursuit of justice against this right-wing insurrection against the United States. Insurrection must be crushed and those responsible for it brought to heel.

There are more American troops defending Washington DC today than there are in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. This is what you get when you tolerate Fascism for too long.

The tide turns here, however.

We say to the Fascists, you will not win.

We say to the Fascists, you will not intimidate us.

We say to the Fascists, your time is over.

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