Sunday, January 24, 2021

Four Days

It’s been four days since Joe Biden was inaugurated.

Four days without a Constitutional crisis. Four days without the fear of whatever damned fool authoritarian cruelty the previous president would no doubt have spouted in that time period. Four days of knowing that there are adults in charge of the government, that they are giving actual serious attention to the problems this nation faces, and that they intend to pass this nation on to their successors in better shape than they found it.

All of which is a refreshing change.

Honestly, even the air feels cleaner.

Law enforcement is arresting the treasonous insurrectionists who staged the Trump Coup. Various radical right-wing groups, including the Republican Party itself, are either tearing themselves apart or attacking other various radical right-wing groups. The second impeachment trial – this one to be conducted by a Senate that might hold an actual trial rather than simply dismissing the charges without a hearing like the last time – is scheduled to begin shortly, and if our former president is called to defend himself under oath there won’t be enough popcorn in the world.

There are still problems, of course. The pandemic is getting worse and Biden’s administration has to start from scratch in its efforts to fix things because as it turns out there was no plan whatsoever under the previous administration for doing that – none at all. Der Sturmtrumper apparently felt we could all just go ahead and die and quit bothering him for all he cared. The economy is teetering and if things don’t improve soon may well collapse – something that I have no doubt the GOP is actively working toward so they can blame the current administration. Tom Brady is going to another Super Bowl, which in a just society would not be allowed. All sorts of problems.

But there are, as noted, adults in charge again and if they can’t solve everything all at once at least they’re making serious efforts to do so rather than creating more problems to distract us.

I’ll take that. It beats a sharp stick in the eye.

I have no idea where things will go from here.

But for the first time since November 2016 I am going to allow myself to think that maybe, just maybe, things will get better in my country. Maybe not soon. Maybe not everything I want to happen. But a start, at least.

And after four years of overt Fascism being rammed down my throat, yes indeed I will take that.


LucyInDisguise said...


(That somehow seems woefully inadequate.)


David said...

But still worth saying. :)

Good to see you back around here!

LucyInDisguise said...

It has been ... ahhh ... an eventful month.

Yes it has.


David said...


Should I ask about this or should I just let that one slide on by?

LucyInDisguise said...

For this venue, I think we'll just let it slide on by.

Recent political were an interesting side show. A diversion, as one might characterize it. Not nearly as much palace intrigue as can be found in one's own family.

I'll try to get you caught up this weekend. No promises, though. Vikings rarely fight fair - especially when there is an ocean between them and the opposition. Sky and my Viking have become fast allies ...


LucyInDisguise said...

Recent political events ... jeesh.


David said...

Gotcha - I was wondering if that was where that was going. We shall have to take this to a different venue whenever you have time and energy.

But, as noted, it's good to have you back. :)