Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thieves! Robbers! Riff-Raff!

Some miscreant has stolen the cartoon right off my office door.

Kids today!  Or faculty!  Whichever!

I tell you, Home Campus didn’t used to be that way back in the day.  We’d walk around without a care in the world and no thought to keys or locks at all!  We’d leave the copy room open year ‘round, have our books just piled up in the lobby, and if Facebook had been invented back then we’d have just let our screens stay logged in, right there in the library until we got back, and nobody would have dreamed about changing our relationship status to “engaged to a farm animal” or posting updates about some hypothetical brush with the law that was a complete misunderstanding and I have received a full apology from the police department so quit bothering me about it, thank you very much.

Where was I?

Oh, right.  CARTOON THEFT!

The exams for my compressed video class are somewhat shorter than my usual exams, to make up for the fact that they are more frequent and have to be squeezed into a high school class period.  When I first did all the editing required to get my standard template down to size I found that I had half a page of blank space where nothing would conveniently fit.  So I decided to throw a history-related cartoon into it, to break up the tension that inevitably seems to accompany exams.

Hey – worked for me, anyway.

I’ve since kept up this tradition, since it is a nice thing to do for all of us and I have quite a stockpile of such cartoons anyway.  Sometimes I print one out just for my own amusement and post them on my door on a rotating basis to entertain visitors and passersby.

This is the one that got nicked today:

I haven’t actually managed to put this one on an exam, as I rather suspect it might get me into some kind of trouble with the sorts of humorless people who would come down on a poor adjunct who was only trying to lighten the mood.  That and it’s a bit too accurate for the current political environment in these trying times, I suppose.

But it’s one of my favorites, and a good thing to have on my door.

Apparently someone else disagreed.

Color me annoyed.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they were just using what my Chicago Family call the "Chicago Way" ... if you like it, and it's on somebody else's porch, door, in their flowerbed - nab it. It's yours. hee hee hee (just kidding! Although, my Chicago family are constantly replacing doormats, light bulbs, anything that's not tacked down...) It's a compliment. Someone liked it, so they took it. That's all.