Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Curious Lack

I find I have nothing to say these days.

Perhaps it is just the middle of the semester and I am simply busy.  Too many assignments are coming in that need to be graded, and I’m one of those annoying professors who actually reads what students turn in and tries to make comments to indicate that I have, in fact, read what has been turned in – comments that, if taken seriously, would lead to better work being turned in.  I’m also teaching two of my classes in new formats, which means finding new break points for lectures and juggling exactly where specific elements fall (you can’t just start a discussion portion with 4 minutes left in a class, for example, not responsibly anyway).  It’s taking up a lot of mental energy just keeping up with things.

Don’t even ask what my desk looks like at home.  It’s rather unkempt even by my generous standards.

We’re also deep into the performing arts schedule down at Home Campus – this weekend we had a comedian perform, and not only was he funny but we actually got a decent crowd to hear him be funny.  I’m used to audiences I can count on my fingers and toes, but I would have had to have been quite a mutant indeed to do that for this house.  But we’re a small campus, and I’m the guy who does everything from hanging, focusing and running the lights to negotiating the contracts to putting the coffee and tea in the dressing room (with my teakettle from my office, of course).  It’s a lot to keep track of.

I’m also pretty maxed out on politics, which is all so many people want to talk about these days.  I am malevolently well-informed regarding the current state of American politics and see no use to becoming more so or discussing it further.  I said most of what I wanted to say earlier this month.  I could elaborate on it – as several commenters noted, there were things I had folded into the larger argument that sort of got lost in the folding process – but I find that even the prospect of doing so leaves me staring blankly into space for hours. 

So posting may be slow for a while. 

I’m sure I’ll get back up on top of things eventually.  I have too many opinions to keep my mouth shut for long.  I enjoy telling stories too much to abandon this little corner of the internet.  There are too many things I want to remember, and I store them here.  My family is well.  My friends call now and then and we have wonderful conversations.  I’m reading good books.  There’s a lot of things I’ll get around to saying eventually.

But if you’re wondering where the posts are and why I’m not keeping to my “every-other-day” goals, well, now you know.

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