Monday, September 5, 2011

Have You Seen This Cat?

I’ve been trying to write up our recent vacation, but there have been things getting in the way.

There’s the usual run-up to the semester, which begins tomorrow. On top of everything else I’m still frantically trying to revise one class and create a second, and blogging may well be light until Christmas. Or it may be heavier as I need a study break. Whichever.

There’s Labor Day Weekend, which has all sorts of fun activities and which, in this year of unbridled Teabagger assault on the dignity of workers, holds a special meaning.

There has also been a psychic drain around here, one that has more specific causes.

Wednesday night Tria went out, as she often does. She likes the outdoors, and even though the Solons who run Our Little Town have decreed that no cats shall be allowed outside without said cats being restrained by leashes, she gets out anyway.

But she hasn’t come back. It’s not like her to miss a meal.

So it’s been a bit distracted around here.


Shawn Powers said...

I do hope Tria returns in short order.

I must admit, this has forever changed the way I think about the tea party. Now, I giggle. :D

David said...

Thanks, Shawn. I needed that. :)

Eric said...
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Carol Elaine said...

I'm hoping Tria shows up very soon.

A number of years ago my cat Matisse got out (I stupidly left a window open) and was gone for three days. I finally found him in my neighbor's bushes when I heard him meow during one of my many searches for him.

Turns out he was trying to get back home, but a cat who, unbeknownst to me, was living under the triplex in which I lived, was chasing him away. The feral cat had never seen Matisee (since Matisse was always an indoor cat while he was with me, since I lived on a very busy street), so he assumed my guy was muscling in on his turf.

I was soooo happy when I pulled that poor little guy out of the bushes. And he never tried to get out again.

Here's hoping it turns out the same for y'all and Tria.

David said...

Thanks, Carol Elaine - we're hoping too.

Tria gets out a lot (I'm not supposed to say that, since here in Our Little Town you're not supposed to let cats outside unless they're on a leash, which is quite possibly the dumbest law in America right now - a real achievement, given the competition) and she's pretty much the alpha cat when she's out, so I'm thinking whatever is keeping her is something else, good or bad.

But that was a wonderful story. :)

Warner said...

"To escort a cat abroad on a leash is against the nature of the cat..."

From above veto message. Adlai Stevenson

And I hope Tria shows up soon, ours does an overnight a couple of times a summer. She gets grounded for a couple of days.

Eric said...

My apologies, David: I skimmed the post the other day, saw a cute picture of a cat, and cracked wise. Today I take another look--and I'm sorry.

Hope all is well up there.

David said...

No problem, Eric - I figured it was something like that.

Thanks for checking back, and for the good wishes.