Friday, April 8, 2011

News and Updates

Just a few short points while I try to deal with life in its usual “drink from the firehose” format:

1. Yesterday was exam day for one of my classes. There is nothing so boring as giving an exam, when you are a teacher. For some reason I always count lefthanders in the class during exams. There were four, in a class of 21.

2. Interesting doings in the election results from the Supreme Court, where the clerk of Wisconsin’s most right-wing county – a women who once worked for Prosser and who was repeatedly admonished for excessive partisanship by her own party – mysteriously “found” 7500 ballots in Prosser’s favor on her own personal computer, one that had no back up and was not linked in any way to the state system for monitoring elections. Seriously? I’m not accusing Teabaggers of voter fraud – I’m sure that everyone who actually went to the polls in that county had the right to do so – but I am questioning the word of this official and I am deeply suspicious of electoral fraud. One corrupt official is a lot more plausible than thousands of illegitimate voters.

3. I haven’t forgotten you, Lucy! I’m working on that list. It’s getting more involved as I go, and events conspire against my time.

4. There is nothing to make you forget the cares of the world for a while quite like a good whiskey and a better book. Thank you to the makers of Drambuie and the author of the Bartimaeus trilogy for making yesterday end on a positive note.

5. Today is a Theater Day! More to follow…

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LucyInDisguise said...

As a professional driver, the first thing you learn climbing a steep grade loaded at 80,000 pounds is patience.

Either that, or the shorter route to insanity.

I forget which I found, for the moment.

Takest thou all the time you need -- it is, indeed, a long grade upon which we climb.

(Besides, there is much to browse upon as we cruise down the internet highway ...)


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