Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baking The Night Away

There’s a whole lotta bakin’ going on.

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and we’re in charge of desserts this year. This means apple-cranberry pie (with cornmeal crust), apple crisp, and a mound of peanut butter cookies big enough to land aircraft on. Somehow we need to get all this up to Kim’s parents’ house for the holiday dinner without eating them all in transit, which is harder than you’d think because those are some really good desserts and the car is not so big that we can't reach them wherever we stash them on the ride.  So if we get halfway there and turn around, you'll know why.

Tabitha is making the cookies, all on her own.

She’s decided that she likes baking, which is fine by us. This means more cookies, and there is no way that can go wrong.

Although when you add in all the Girl Scout cookies that are still cluttering up my office, this might - might, mind you - amount to overkill. We got rid of most of the cookies last week, and then on Monday night the second wave crested and broke all over my desk, leaving delicious, delicious destruction in its wake. And now that we’ve finally located the sheets that tell us who ordered what so that we can possibly get these things distributed, life is good. 

So we’ve got a lot of baked goods around here and are expecting more.

I’ve always liked Thanksgiving as a holiday. It is full of good food and good company, and there is always the possibility of a decent football game breaking out, although not likely. There’s a bit of suspense, you see – otherwise it would all be too predictable.

I am thankful for many things.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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