Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where Is That Confounded Teapot?

This month has just felt all wrong. I blame the weather.

We didn't have much of a summer here in Baja Canada. Oh, it got hot a couple of times here and there, but a startling percentage of our photographs since June 1 show people in jackets. Maybe that's fine in places where they're used to it not being summer, like Stockholm or Seattle, but around here that was a bit odd. Wisconsin gets the worst weather in the world. The temperature swing my first year in this state was 142 degrees Fahrenheit from top to bottom, and while we certainly had a fair amount of bottom last winter, there just wasn't a whole lot of top to be had of late.

Now, normally I would like that. I have no real use for hot weather. You can always add clothing, but in these United States there is only so much they let you take off, and even then you are still too hot. So a cool summer is something I look forward to. Something to which I look forward? Whatever.

[Just as an aside, the Microsoft Grammarian What Lives In My Computer is cool with the dangling preposition, but festoons the theoretically correct translation with The Green Wiggly Line Of Disapproval. I'm not a great fan of the MGWLIMC - its default level is set for "Stupid" - but somehow this just tickles me.]

But if the summer is going to be cooler than usual, I think it shows markedly poor taste to have September be hot.

No, no, no.

September is fall. They play football in September. School starts up again. The leaves are supposed to start turning. Teapots are supposed to come out of their long summer storage and once again begin dispensing the nectar of the rather quiet and bookish sorts of gods.

I think the lack of tea has made me grouchy.

It couldn't possibly be anything else. No, just don't go there. Nothing to see there. Move along, that's right. Oh, look! An eagle!

So I'm waiting for the weather to go back to its proper channel so I can have my tea in peace. And I'm sure everyone around me is doing likewise.

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Jack Lynch said...

"So a cool summer is something I look forward to. Something to which I look forward? Whatever."

Make it "something forward to which I look."