Sunday, December 19, 2021

Notes from Lockdown (the Sequel)

1. It’s astonishing how easy it is to fall back into Lockdown Mode. Zoom Formal for clothing choices. Random snacking throughout the day. Eating dinner on Spanish time and going to bed on College Sophomore time, which is part of a more general sense of being outside of the flow of time altogether. It’s like time traveling back to March 2020 again, only without the counterbalancing undertones of both the existential dread of knowing that the sociopathic grifter in charge of my own government was doing everything possible to make things worse and the hopeful uplift that came with watching people around the world come together to try to help each other through things.

2. We’ve had several offers from friends to provide supplies as needed and one of them actually did drop a care package of yummies off at our porch, for which I am both exceedingly grateful and heartened. It’s nice to be reminded that there are good people in the world.

3. Lauren seems to be progressing well, which is what we thought would happen given that she is vaccinated but there is always that worry that the unlikely will happen anyway. She’s scheduled to come out and join us on Christmas Eve, and that will make a good holiday.

4. I finally put the tree up last night, and it has a couple of ornaments on it. We’ll get the rest of the ornaments (at least those that fit) on today in all likelihood. It cheers the place up a bit and reminds us that the holiday is coming.

5. Although as far as the holiday goes we are in that becalmed zone where we didn’t get much shopping done prior to all of this due to the usual frantic end of the semester (among other things), it’s too late for online orders to be delivered, we can’t really go out and get anything at the local stores, and even if we could the increasing drumbeat of the omicron variant makes that a less than thrilling prospect. I suspect there will be a lot of “this is what you’ll be getting when it arrives” this year, which is fine. We don’t really focus on the gift part of the holiday much anyway. We’ll hang out and enjoy each other’s company.

6. I’m hoping for at least one night of cards, games, beverages (adult or otherwise), and far too many salty snacks. It’s good to spend time together.

7. Midgie has discovered the tree and has made it her home. She sacks out under the lights and just bathes in photons, at least until someone turns on the television. Then she runs away because you never know what the Big Shouty Box will do.

8. I have completed my two classes that are going to be completed for the semester – grades posted and everything. I’m caught up in the other class until next week. I do have to work in my advisor job through Wednesday, but there’s nothing I need to do about that today. So perhaps I will watch soccer or hockey games, or even see about reading my book.

9. Although the drumbeat of omicron continues, as the Bundesliga now has no fans in the stadiums, the Premier League is canceling games, and even the NFL has postponed a couple of games – the Eagles game has been moved back to Tuesday, for example. This is not the nostalgia I needed.

10. Perhaps there will be baking.


Ewan said...

Apologies. I assumed that "necessary supplies" equalled tea, books, and whisk(e)y, that you had plenty of the first two, and would let us know when the last was about to run out...

David said...

There is also a need for yummies, though.

Tea, books, and whiskey are all in good supply, however, which will get me through even if the yummies run out. :)

Ewan said...

Just do push-ups instead. I am assured that this is a viable substitute..

David said...

I did my last push up in 1983 and have never looked back. My life has been immeasurably better for this.