Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Home Release

The CDC decided to let me out early.

That’s how I like to think of it. They saw me there, hanging out in the comfort of my own bedroom, lacking essentially nothing except the company of my family and a place to sit that would satisfy my back and my butt at the same time, and thought, “You know what this guy needs? New federal guidelines!”

I actually went to the CDC website, because that’s the kind of nerd I am, and I read through the guidelines several times. As near as I can tell, I’m allowed to stop isolating myself five days after my positive test (which put my release at around noon today) as long as I continued to wear a mask for ten days after the onset of symptoms (a restriction which expires Thursday).

There was more, but honestly it was like reading the Terms & Conditions on an Apple product. I hope I’m not obligated to donate money to the CDC’s Thursday Lunch Pizza Fund, though for all I know it is possible.

Worth it.

It’s good to be out of isolation, to be honest. I like spending time with my family. And you don’t realize how roomy your house is until you are confined to only one bit of it for a few days. I can go to the living room! I can go to the kitchen! I can go to my office! Room after room after room!

So naturally we decided to have Christmas.

It was kind of spur of the moment, really, and rather incomplete since there are still gifts on order, locked in dorm rooms, or just not here yet. And we’re planning to have Christmas dinner on Thursday and Christmas Eve dinner on Saturday, which is technically New Year’s Day, but so it goes. At some point when the various pieces of the holiday have all played out I will gather them together into a post of their own.

It must be said we had a lovely little piece of Christmas, just the four of us in the living room together.

I don’t expect to go anywhere before Thursday, really. My big adventure tomorrow will likely be clearing the snow from the driveway.

But it’s nice to be released to the house at large.


LucyInDisguise said...

Congratulations on your early parole. I hope my pleadings and testimony before the parole board had everything to do with their decision to grant your parole.



David said...

It's good to have influential lobbyists on my side!



LucyInDisguise said...

Well, if you're gonna promote me to 'lobbyist' instead of just a friend testifying about your character, then there is, of course, the matter of the bill ...

Let's see now, Round trip airfare from Nevada to Atlanta, GA, on Imagine Airlines; three days at the world-renown Fantasy Island Hotel; meals ... miscellaneous expenses ... and general hidden fees to inflate the bill (Hmmm, carry the 8, multiply by 20,000) = (Holy Shit! Now I can finally retire!).


(Newly Ordained) Holy Lobbyist Extraordinaire

David said...

Have your people call my people. They'll do lunch and no doubt add that to the total bill and if the sum reaches a certain point they'll have lunch again. ;)