Thursday, March 10, 2016

News and Updates

1. It’s always nice to be able to look forward to parent/teacher conferences.  We were down at Mighty Clever Guy Middle School last night and Local Businessman High today, and both Lauren’s and Tabitha’s teachers were very pleased with them.  When the most common comment you get from your kids’ teachers is that they wish they had more kids like yours, things are going well.

2. The universe is once again conspiring to be very unkind to someone I love dearly, and I find this unacceptable.  The universe just thumbs its nose at me and continues on its way, however, which is one of the things wrong with the universe.

3. When a major political party has a debate among its leading presidential candidates that features ten minutes of unintelligible wargling over the size of one candidate’s penis, you can safely declare that party to be morally and intellectually bankrupt.  Face it – that’s not a slate of candidates up there on that stage.  That’s an awkward holiday dinner with every relative your parents refused to let you spend time alone with when you were a child.

4. Friday night it snowed here in Our Little Town.  Tuesday it was 70F.  Just waiting around for tornado season now, is all.

5. I am slowly getting more comfortable with the demands of my new job, which is good because those demands are slowly ramping up to match.  This is the nature of things, and why I am being paid the big bucks.  Or at least some bucks.  Bucks are good.  They help me satisfy my pesky addictions to food, shelter, and books.

6. Tabitha’s school play was last week and it went very well.  She was one of the black-clad minions moving set pieces around between scenes, which only goes to show you that the apple didn’t fall very far from that tree.  I am a proud dad.

7. All the little things that go wrong with a car seem to be converging on mine these days.  I now have new tires.  I may soon have new brakes.  Eventually I will have the automotive equivalent of George Washington’s ax.

8. I should never be placed in charge of travel plans.

9. Did you know that unnecessary restrictions on immigration to here was one of the grievances against King George III that the Founding Fathers felt was important enough to include in the Declaration of Independence?  No, seriously – it was.  My how things have changed.

10. I now have an entire band of pre-set radio stations just for popular music.  Lauren is immensely relieved at this, as it means she does not have to deal with any of the stations that I usually have on.  And once in a while I find some good songs.  So, win.


James A. Brown said...

Quote: He [King George III] has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.

That language is a bit tricky in this Twitterage.

Bottom line for anti-immigration: Now that I'm here, everyone else stay out.

David said...

Yes indeed. There is a long history in this country where immigration was perfectly fine until the day after your own ancestors got here and after that it became a threat to everything sacred and true. It's interesting how the Founders knew better in 1776 and were willing to make that a part of so important a document as the Declaration, even if they sometimes didn't follow their own advice later (as with the Alien and Sedition Acts).