Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lucky Number 13

I am now officially the parent of two teenaged girls.

So far, it hasn’t been all that complicated.

Lauren’s birthday is always a big event for her.  She loves her birthday, looks forward to it all year, and beginning tomorrow she will start looking forward to the next one.  I find this a bit mystifying, myself, since I tend to forget my own birthday more often than not, but it makes her happy and really that’s all you can ask out of life.

Naturally, given our family Movable Feast tradition, we spread out her birthday across many days. 

There is only so much you can do on the actual day for Lauren, since most kids her age are still trick-or-treating.  Perhaps when she gets older that will be different, but then there will be other Halloween parties and it is probably best not to try to compete with them.  There will be other celebrations in the near future, for example, celebrations possibly involving a very large mall if rumors reaching my ears prove correct.  But we have our family birthday celebration on the day, if we can.  It's usually a quieter affair than the friends' celebration.

Lauren decided that she would wait until the actual time of her birth – 1:32pm Central Time – to open her presents from us.  It nearly drove her mad, but she held out until then.

And wasn’t that a time?

Tonight will be her Specially Chosen Birthday Dinner, which this year means we will get hoagies from Jimmy John’s.  I’m not sure why this made the grade, particularly, but they make a decent sandwich so that’s all to the good.

And then there will be trick-or-treating.

It’s a grey, rainy, windy day here in Our Little Town, though the rain is supposed to let off by the time trick-or-treating officially starts (and when, precisely, did trick-or-treating acquire set hours?) so there will be no need to carry umbrellas too.  Lauren’s friend will come over and they will venture forth into the blustery fall evening to acquire vast amounts of sugar, and it will be a good time.

Happy birthday, Lauren.  I’m proud of you.

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