Friday, September 5, 2014

Ten Things Tabitha Feels She Should Not Have Needed To Say to Lauren

Presented without comment:

1. No, don't lint-roll the cat.

2. Don't ride a tricycle in the corn.

3. Don't use the cat as a footstool.

4. Don't make mac-and-cheese with sugar.

5. I don't think chickens like to swim.

6. Don't move the playing cards with your chin.

7. The cat is not "fluffy on the inside."  She's fat.

8. "Stop, drop, and roll" is not for tornadoes!

9. Bacon is not candy.

10. Don't use babywipes on cuts.


Nathan said...

Bacon is too candy.

David said...

Does that make it Kosher, then?

Random Michelle K said...

I disagree with 10.

If you are in a situation where you need to clean up blood, then sterile baby wipes or hand wipes are a very good choice.

Why do you think I know this through experience?

David said...

Probably first-hand, I'm guessing. :)

I imagine it would be good to use wipes if you're cleaning blood off a counter or something, but Tabitha knows from experience that they sting when you try to use them directly on cuts.

Unknown said...

Regarding no.1: What if the cat likes to be lint rolled??? I speak from experience...

David said...

I suppose in that case it would be okay. Our cats are not amused, though.