Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Off to High Heights, Yet Again

Sweet dancing monkeys on a stick, that summer went by quickly.  I still have things I want to write about that haven’t made it up here, and yet Labor Day has flown by and the semester has started over at Home Campus, Not Quite So Far Away Campus, and The Campus Way Way Over There.  Already I’m behind.  Who knew?

And on top of that, today is the first real day of school for Tabitha and Lauren. 

They had meetings yesterday, just like the rest of us.  It’s kind of nice, actually – rather than spending an entire day just standing around introducing themselves, they go in for a short conference with their teachers and then get the rest of the day to themselves.  It eases them into it, which is a good thing.  You should be able to do that for your job after any vacation longer than three days, I think.  Be sure to mention that next time you see your boss.  Let me know how it goes.

But today Tabitha and Lauren go in for real.  No more meetings.  No coming home.  The Minecraft is put away, the alarm clocks have gone off, and the educational train is leaving the station.

Both girls are now at the top of their respective school ladders.

Over at Mighty Clever Guy Middle School, Tabitha is entering 8th grade.

And down at Not Bad President Elementary, Lauren is going into 5th grade.

It’s going to be a long year, and with any luck a good one.  They know their schools, they have their friends, and they will be learning all sorts of new things.  They’ll be fine.

Me?  I’m just getting older, watching them grow up.  It’s nice, actually.

Next year they will learn one of the great lessons of life – that the top of one ladder is just the bottom of the next one.  They will go off to new schools and do new things with new people, and it will be an adjustment but it will work out fine.  But for this year, they rule.

Good luck to you, ladies.  I’m proud of you.


Unknown said...

Lauren has been looking forward to wearing that first-day-of-school T-shirt for WEEKS! Can you tell? And Tabitha discovered this morning that the sleeves on her sweatshirt (new last spring) are already too short for her arms which seem to have grown two inches over the summer.

neurondoc said...

OMG, I love Lauren's t-shirt. Does it come in women's sizes, I wonder...