Thursday, January 3, 2013


Milo travels in style.

Not many rabbits do.  But Milo is a rabbit among rabbits, a paragon of dignity and discernment.  Not for Milo is the ordinary humdrum of paws against carpet or floor.  Milo laughs at such pedestrian things.

Milo always intends the puns he makes.  He is a living metaphor in an alien language, a personal link to a better life, and a master of the telling detail.  He cannot be assimilated.

Chuck Norris wants to be Milo but does not have the ears for it. 

When there is a need to be elsewhere, Milo goes.  Every police officer in a five county radius knows not to impede Milo, for what good would that do?  Tickets disappear, records are cleansed, and justice is served with a side order of fries wherever Milo passes.

Milo is that he is.

That is all.


Searching... said...

Sounds like you now have a powerful ally in your otherwise all female household!

David said...

Where Milo is, there power dwells.

Milo knows the burdens of power and the demands of justice, and bears all that we may sleep soundly and blissfully unaware of his protection.