Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hi there.

It’s been quite a week here at 4Q10D.  There’s been a lot of new faces poking around, reading the blog, commenting.  Welcome!

Most of you newcomers are here because of the post entitled, “Why I Will Not Be Voting Republican For the Foreseeable Future.”  I’m quite proud of that one, but honestly somewhat taken aback at how popular it has become.  I guess I struck a nerve. 

Many of you have written to say kind things about it, and I thank you for that.  It’s nice to hear.  I’ve enjoyed reading your comments, even if I have responded only to a few of them.

A few have written with criticisms, which is worthwhile to hear when they are constructive.  I’ve tried to respond to a couple of those too.

I have turned off the Anonymous Posting feature for now.  While there are a few real reasons to prefer anonymity, all too often online it is just a way to hide behind a veil and snipe from cover.  I’ve already had to delete one troll (seriously, who uses “LOL!” as an insult?  My daughter’s seventh-grade friends think that’s immature) and I’d rather not spend all my weekend waiting for more.  I’ve got better things to do, as I will probably be posting later tonight.  Own your criticism, make it specific, and let’s talk – I don’t claim infallibility, and I like talking to people.

Feel free to look around the place.  It’s mostly about the world as I see it, which means that the political posts don’t really dominate – if you’re looking for nonstop political commentary, you’ll probably be disappointed.  I get into it now and then – I spent most of the first half of 2011 railing against the idiocy and crimes perpetrated by the newly installed regime in Wisconsin, for example, and a fair bit of my sense that the modern Republican Party has gone seriously off the rails came from watching it subvert an entire state government from within.  But mostly I write about whatever interests me. 

My family.



So welcome to 4Q10D.  I hope you enjoy your stay.


Lee I said...

Yup. I'm new to you via the route listed above and you're now on my Blogger reading list. That post really struck a chord. I did not share it again on my FB page, only because -- well, I guess I'm chicken. Sides have been taken already and I want to stay friends with some people, as politically misguided as they may be, so at this point I'm choosing not to stir the political pot any further.
I look forward to rummaging through some of your past posts. Hope it doesn't take too many tries to get through the capcha.

CeraVana said...

The blog in question also drew me in, although I just saw it for the first time today. I hope to see more of your blogs. Historical blogs are particularly interesting. I also enjoyed the Not a Christian Nation post. I have found these posts refreshing for their analysis of the argument and the way you articulate your thoughts. Thank you for the quality writing.

Marie said...

I'm one of those who enjoyed your "Why I'm not voting Republican post" entry enough to sign up. Also just enjoyed reading your memories of Hurricane Gloria, which I weathered a little further up the East Coast, also at college. Look forward to hearing more from you!

Anonymous said...

Yup. I am here because of “Why I Will Not Be Voting Republican For the Foreseeable Future.” You are a fabulous writer. As a fellow blogger, I read lots of blogs. That was my favorite ever. Can't wait to read more. Carry on.

Unknown said...

Likewise, your "Why I Will Not Be Voting Republican For The Foreseeable Future" brought me here, but the rest of your writing kept me. I don't have a lot of time to comment, but I wanted to let you know that you have a new reader, and to thank you for the work you put in on that article.

David said...

Thank you to all of you - I try very hard to write well, and it's nice to know that you think I succeed. :)