Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Several people have asked me about the Nameless Aggravations that I have complained around (not about!  No, not about!) over the last two posts. 

While I am not really at liberty to discuss them in this space, I will say that they are all work related and have nothing to do with the more important things in my life - Kim, Tabitha, Lauren, family, friends, general health, and the relative size of my to-read book pile.

Work stress comes and work stress goes, and eventually this too shall pass in much the same uncomfortable and overloud way that a spider monkey who has eaten a billiard ball will eventually see its difficulties come to a conclusion.

Thanks for asking, though.


Eric said...

I just kind of assumed I'd be a named aggravator.

(Be well, okay?)

David said...

You I could name. ;)

Thanks, Eric. I appreciate it.

KimK said...

I wonder how long it takes for the billiard ball to make it thru the system? :) Soon, I hope.

John the Scientist said...

Just tell people you've been invited to lunch with Nathan and I. They won't pry anymore, they'll just pray for you. :D

David said...

A timeless classic, John. :)

Eric said...

Better yet, tell anyone who's trying to pry that they've been invited to lunch with Nathan and John.

Let 'em pray for themselves. :)