Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dinner Conversation

That would be so totally worth it.

Not partially worth it?

How can something be partially worth it? Things are either worth it or not worth it, and this would be totally worth it.

But how can it be totally worth it, then? If it’s worth it at all, then it would be totally worth it and you might as well just save yourself the breath and just say it was worth it.

This is more than worth it. It’s totally worth it.

So if it were less than worth it would it be partially worth it then?

No! I already told you that!

But what if it could be partially worth it? Then you’d have to figure out what part, wouldn’t you?

I suppose. There’d be a worth it part that would be totally worth it, and a worthless part that would be totally not worth it, and you’d have to know which part was which but they’d be all blended together like that so you wouldn’t know.

Sort of a yin and yang thing?

No, you can see the two parts of yin and yang. There’s yin, which is totally worth it, and yang, which is totally not worth it. Or the other way around. Is yin the one that’s worth it or yang?

Definitely yin.

But this wouldn’t be like that, because even though yin and yang are mixed together like that they’re still separate, and you can pick out the totally worth it part from the totally not worth it part with tweezers.


Metaphorical tweezers!

Well, those are the best kinds. You never know when your metaphor might need to be tweezed.

True. But you couldn’t do that with a partially worth it thing, because it wouldn’t be yin and yang and subject to metaphorical tweezing. It would be a black-and-white milkshake, where everything gets mixed up and turns to grey. You’d have to suck it up through a straw.

I would love a black-and-white milkshake right now. That would be so totally worth it.

Not partially worth it?

How can something be partially worth it?


Tom said...


I mean, like, I totally like this! Like, totally.

No really. Fer reals.

David said...


Not partially!

Thanks! :)

Rufus Dogg said...

I hate when someone totally agrees with me.

And now for some totally different black and white cookies.

David said...

I need to get me some of that action, Rufus - now that my daughters have largely left the Girl Scouts behind, I have lost my cookie connection.