Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Twenty Memes on the Late Coverup In the Senate

[EDIT: Apparently the source of the quote is not Werner Herzog but William Pannapacker.  The observation stands, however.]


LucyInDisguise said...

Sorry, but if feel like being intentionally contrary and obtuse this morning, with emphasis on annoying. You may feel free to ignore me today for just that reason. 😀

I have decided, after three days of not very intense consideration, that I have to take issue with a word choice in the title for this most recent endeavor. Not because of any real or imaginary rule or traditional usage or anything like that, but more just because these memes got me to feeling a little melancholy. Well, no, not even that. Just because I can. How’s that?

My ‘pooter’s dictionary lists four definitions for the word ‘Late’. I think we can ignore any usage that equals ‘tardy’. That pretty much leaves a usage such as ‘past’ or ‘dead’. I’m very nearly certain that the coverup has not passed, nor is it dead; rather, I believe it is on-going and very much ambulatory and shall remain as a threat and a stain upon this nation’s history for the remainder of its existence. Much to our dismay. Well, mine, anyway.

You are a Professor, much-lauded in both deed and learning, therefore I must believe that you indeed intended some other usage of that word Late in your title. After dedicated and laborious research these past few minutes, mostly on Wikipedia, I have concluded that you actually meant to use this:

Late (Tonga), an uninhabited volcanic island southwest of Vavaʻu in the kingdom of Tonga

Which would then render your title to be about as meaningful as the phrase “Impeachment Trial in the Senate”. And I have no idea why I dignified that with Capitalization.

Mayhap you should have used a word such as Zombie to avoid triggering Professional Assholes like me.

[where the hell is that damn tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek emoji????]


LucyInDisguise said...

Oh. You’d prefer a comment directed at the actual content? Ohhhh Kaaay;

#4 - ‘They’ don’t really wanna know.

#9 - A wee bit impractical, and would probably win you a Contempt of Court charge.

#20 - Whoever put this one together should get together with Mr. S. King and make horror movies together. That image will not even succumb to Brain Bleach.

I know ya just pulled ‘em off the ’net and stuff, but, still …


LucyInDisguise said...

[And “now for something completely different” … just to round things out]

The following is a direct cut and paste from the dictionary on my ‘pooter:

snark2 | snärk | informal, chiefly North American
verb [no object]
make snide and sharply critical comments: they even snark about her family background.
snide and sharply critical comments: a worthwhile blog cannot live on snark alone.

(Any changes in content or formatting, such as the superscript ‘2’ no longer being superscript, were made by Blogger. And, I think we should focus on the usage as a noun here, as in “a worthwhile blog…” And with a particular emphasis on snide. Their words, not mine. Especially when most of the snark is in the comment section. So there.)

Okay, I’m done. (For now, anyway …)


David said...

Snark is good. :)

One of my favorite euphemisms that got used to describe the Civil War has always been "the late unpleasantness," which makes it sound so genteel rather than the grinding and destructive war of attrition that it was. I suppose I was going for that tone.

Though if we can figure out a way to exile der Sturmtrumper to the island of Late - along with Moscow Mitch, William Barr, and most of the spineless GOP cowering in fear at being called out by a misspelled Tweet, I'd go for it.

Yeah, I have that teacher-earnestness thing going for me when it comes to these comments, I know.


LucyInDisguise said...

" ...if we can figure out a way to exile der Sturmtrumper to the island of Late - along with Moscow Mitch, William Barr..."

OMG. Look at this unreproachable, unspoiled little piece of Paradise:,-174.662313,7020m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x7192de60f07d6887:0xd40f578b38be644a!8m2!3d-18.8081749!4d-174.6426806

How could you condemn such a place to a fate like that? What did it do to you? I think you should call Tonga and apologize right now. (Don't explain why - don't want to depress them!)

Mercury. Pluto. Neptune. Purgatory. Hell. The Arctic. The Antarctic. In Winter. I can't think of a place in the Universe that deserves such a fate. Let alone present-day North America.

WAIT! I just thought of a place! ... ... ... No, not even there.


David said...

How could I condemn such a place to that fate? Easily and with pleasure.

And if we could set up a fleet of drones with cameras and satellite uplinks, I'll sell tickets to the Lord of the Flies/Hunger Games mashup that will surely follow.

LucyInDisguise said...