Saturday, February 1, 2020

News and Updates

1.  And right on cue, the Senate voted to end the American republic and inaugurate a new age of absolutism.  You’d think I would be resigned to this by now – it’s not like Republicans haven’t been openly campaigning for this for years now – but really all it did was piss me off.  There will be no surrender.  There will be no accommodation.  Fuck those guys.

2. We spent that evening listening to good music in a small bar, because you take what refuge you can find.  If you enjoy folk music you should find Ellis Paul.  I discovered him in a coffeeshop in Pittsburgh called The Beehive, back in 1991 or so, and have been going to his concerts off and on ever since.  He’s actually a nice guy to talk to – last night’s venue has a space about the size of my living room (quite literally) and he was at a small table selling CDs beforehand, so we had some time to chat.  I don’t pretend to be his buddy but he was gracious and personable, and between the music and the stories Kim and I had a lovely evening.  You need that in these parlous times.

3. My other achievement yesterday was finally replacing the big plastic carpet protector in my home office so that I could roll my chair around without having to get stuck in the holes in the old one.  You’d think this would be easy – need protector, buy protector, take old one out, put new one in, right?  There’s no moving parts to the things, after all.  But for some reason they come rolled up and getting them unrolled up is an exercise in creative profanity let me tell you.

4. Lauren has switched host families and seems happy with her new surroundings.  We got to talk with her and her new hosts today and they were friendly and welcoming, and that was lovely. 

5. I’ve been going through the vast collection of humorous memes and jpgs on my computer, naming the files so I can find them again the next time I think “I have the perfect funny for that!”  It’s actually been very therapeutic, going through them all.  There’s some good stuff in there, and it’s nice to laugh now and then.

6. Classes have started and my reflexive adjunct response to any request (“Sure, I can do that!”) has once again gotten me into a semester with no free time whatsoever.  The first thing you learn as an adjunct is that they only ever remember the last thing you told them so if they offer you anything you need to say yes and figure it out later.  I guess I’ll just figure it out later.

7. The more I read about Sicily the more I understand why my ancestors left.

8. It’s warmed up a bit the last few days – a far cry from this time last year, when they were literally closing down the bars in Wisconsin because it was just that cold – and I think the chickens are enjoying it.  Now if only we could figure out what to do with all these eggs.  We like eggs.  We just like other things too.

9. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, the biggest secular holiday in the US – a day devoted to commercials, marginally non-lethal food, and, almost as an afterthought, a sporting event.  I’ll likely watch – I enjoy the game, even if it hasn’t been my favorite sport for a while now and its long-term future is pretty much nil, and since neither my team nor the Dynasty are in it there will be considerably less stress about who wins.  If I do tomorrow right there will be Premier League in the morning, NHL in the afternoon, and NFL in the evening and my brain will be absolute mush by the end of it.  I suspect that this will not happen, but I can dream.  You need a mush day once in a while.


LucyInDisguise said...

1. "This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper. T.S. Eliot And so it is. [whimpers]

3. I found it considerably easier to replace the chair's casters with carpet friendly casters and trash the protector altogether. And never once looked back.

5. Used to do that. Collection of memes on ‘puter exceeded a manageable number. Gave up. And never once looked back.

7. Sounds like one hell of a story. You should do a post dedicated to this. Otherwise, those of us who never have any opportunity (or even a passing desire, for that matter...) to read about Sicily will never find out what the hell you're going on about. And, I, for one, have more than enough mysteries in my life without you adding to the pile. [e.g.: why weren't* there millions of people protesting in the streets of our nation on Friday? (See #1 above?)]

9. “ …and my brain will be absolute mush by the end of it. I suspect that this will not happen, but I can dream." You need not dream, oh Wizened One - ending in the beginning state? That’s a pretty safe bet if I ever saw one. I seem to remember some physics - something about objects at rest in mush or something? What are the odds?


* I'm not at all certain that this is a proper use of this contraction. 'sokay, tho - really don't care much today so i'm going to just go with it.

David said...

1. Pretty much. I kept having the LOTR quote about "here at the end of all things" run through my mind, but the sentiment is much the same.

3. I will have to look into these. I had no idea such things existed!

5. It's been a great help in these parlous times, finding things to laugh at. I suspect that is pretty much the only benefit this project has had, but that is enough for me right now.

7. Perhaps I will. I need to get those stories down in writing anyway, before they are lost to time.

9. Entropy is hard in localized settings. I did my best and mostly achieved it though. I did get to watch all of the sportsball that I had planned to do, which was glorious. I ate food that had no nutritional value. It was lovely. On the other hand, I spent too much time grading essays and running errands to be completely mush. Oh well.

To the best of my knowledge that is a perfectly grammatical use of that contraction. I have no idea what the answer to that question is, though.