Saturday, August 10, 2019

Checking In

So it’s been a while since I wrote anything – a few weeks, at least, which is a while for me.  I haven’t hit the classic blog death spiral yet (1. I’ve got a lot to say!  2. I’ll update with more soon!  3. Here is a picture of my cat) but neither have I been keeping up my usual pace.

Have I missed anything?

I’ve spent the last two days painstakingly transferring an online class from one course management software program – one that allowed things like submodules, timed content, and batch changes – to the new course management software program that we’re all required to start using this fall down at Home Campus, which of course does none of those things.  I’m not sure what never-set-foot-in-a-classroom misanthrope designed an educational software program that doesn’t do submodules, nor why anyone would purchase such a program for use in an actual educational institution, but those decisions are apparently above my paygrade so here I am.

I spent much of today dragging and dropping quiz questions from one place to another, one at a time, quite literally by the thousands.  Like George Jetson, my button-pushing finger is bent.

The last few weeks have been hectic, though in a much more pleasant way than the last two days, it must be said. 

We’ve had visitors.  Fran was here for most of July, and right about the time she left Richard, Magnus, and Ginny came over from England.  They actually overlapped by an evening, and it was fun to have them meet.  I’ve always liked when people from disparate corners of my world meet up.  There are good people in my life.  They tend to like each other.  There will be posting.

The County Fair was back there as well, with its usual assortment of activities and madness.  I didn’t get to see as much of it as I usually have, alas, but I saw a few things.  There will be posting about that as well. 

Things have been happening in the wider world as well that I have a few opinions about.  Our now-too-obvious-to-deny slide into petit-Fascism and degenerate right-wing madness has accelerated just since Independence Day, for example, and it was moving along far too rapidly even before that.  Oh, yes, there will be posting.

At least I hope there will be posting.

I’ve still got a summer class to wrap up.  Two, if you count the year-round one that I signed up for in June.  I’ve got four more classes to ready for a semester that starts in a shade over three weeks (only two preps, though), both of which have to be shoehorned into the new course management software on top of everything else.  There will be major changes in daily life here at the homestead as well – good ones, really, though somewhat bittersweet from my perspective.  And I’ve still got a job that requires my presence, which is an unmitigated good in this world especially since I have good colleagues. 

So we’ll see.

Here’s a picture of my cat.


Kim KM said...

If you're gonna have a broken button-pushing finger, you should at least have a flying car to show for it.

David said...


LucyInDisguise said...

I seem to remember something about a Mini Cooper in your family.

Jason Bourne made his fly, I'll be you could too, with proper motivation ...


David said...

We don't own a Mini, but I have actually ridden in one - a genuine English model, before they doubled in size for the American market. We fit four adults into it, and we two in the back seat were touching shoulders in the middle and the window glass on the outside. It could do 52mph flat out on a level surface and it made a noise like an electric shaver.

It's easy to make them fly. All you need is a trebuchet.

quid novum infernum said...

+10 for Granny Weatherwax reference, +5 for cat picture.

Also, that's the crispest, most succinct description of blog death spiral I've yet encountered, and should be the required epitaph for all of 'em.

David said...

Granny Weatherwax is one of my favorite characters in a series that, admittedly, runs thick with favorite characters. :)

At this point I'm kind of amazed that I continue to do this, but so far it's still fun and I still have things to say. We'll see.