Saturday, December 8, 2018

News and Updates

1. It’s getting toward the end of the semester and if there is anything an academic advisor knows about the end of the semester it is that there aren’t enough tissues in the world.

2. We’re deep into our holiday season now.  All of our birthdays and anniversaries happen during this time of year, on top of the usual holidays that people celebrate.  It’s a busy time.

3. The library down at Home Campus was apparently somewhat annoyed at me the other day.

I mean, “rejected,” sure.  Perhaps even “blocked,” here in this day and age of social media.  But “disavowed”?  It sounds so … theological. 

I finally went to speak to the librarian and she got me, um, reavowed, so now I can go back into the computers and make the interlibrary loan request that sparked all of this, except that it’s the end of the semester (vide supra) and I keep forgetting to do that so in the end I suppose I’m still disavowed for all practical purposes.  Not sure how to feel about that.

4. Tires are the bane of my existence.  As banes go, I suppose, they’re not that bad.  But every time I get into my car I’m convinced that the air pressure is low (which, granted, sometimes it is) and a couple of weeks ago when I discovered that the pressure actually was low and tried to fill them up the air hose at the local gas station destroyed my tire valve.  While they did pay for the new valve (which in this age of digital everything was not cheap), it was still several trips to the tire repair place before they actually had the right part.  You didn’t think tire valves were complicated, but you were wrong.

5. Actually most of the physical world is currently the bane of my existence.  The furnace in our house is the one that was here when we moved in, 22 years ago, and it wasn’t new then.  When it stopped working last month we thought the repair guy had solved the problem, but it turned out that there had to be another and rather more expensive visit before the real problem was solved.  So now we have heat, and we’re going to look at new furnaces sometime soon. 

6. Step 1: Purchase vast package of 1-ply by accident.
Step 2: Decide that not using it would be wasteful.
Step 3: Experience the wonder.
Step 4: Purchase 2-ply because it needed to be done.
Step 5: Revel in luxury.

7. I have a lot to say about the current degenerate state of American politics, but I have to wait until I can say it without turning into a modern version of John Brown.  This may take a while.  Make yourself comfortable.

8. Microfleece sheets are just the greatest invention ever.  You get into bed and BAM!  Instant warm.  It makes it very hard to get out of bed in the morning, but when is that ever not the case is what I want to know.

9. Well bless my northern heart, but Duke’s mayonnaise really is better.

10. I’m almost caught up on Doctor Who.  I’m nearly done Season 2 of Game of Thrones.  I think that’s enough scripted television for now. 

11. It isn’t every day that you run into a student who is a World War I buff.  When you find a student like that you should treasure them, especially if they turn out to be nice to talk with.

12.  Does anyone even sell flashlight bulbs anymore?  I suppose I can just lump them in with VCRs, cassette tapes, camera film, and other relics of a bygone era, but it still is kind of sad to have a nice MagLite with a gaping hole where the bulb used to be.


LucyInDisguise said...

3. Actually, I think ‘disavoweled’ is probably appropriate in your case. And yes, you should read that word inside the scare quote verrrryyyy carefully.

4. Tires not bane. Tire accessories bane. including, but not limited to sticks, stones, screws, nails and yes, even the actual earth. And you never get anything fixed with just one trip. See your #5. And #6, for that matter. And sometimes, even two-ply ain’t enough. (See current admin for examples)

7. Patience is a luxury some of us can no longer afford. But, since your content is of such a superior nature, I will consent to continued deficit spending on this account.

11. My heart is now heavy. How could you? After all these years? After all the heartburn I’ve given you? And with a WWI-er at that?

12. I actually realize that you’re probably exaggerating, but yes - someone does sell flashlight bulbs (and even yours, in particular):

The only acceptable substitute for a 6 cell MagLite is a Louisville Slugger.

And in other news, my Viking and I embarked on a 2-day raid to pillage the land of Zion and returned with booty. (‘Course it will be 3 months before we can breathe again, and we had to beat the missionaries and waking imbeciles off with broadsword and spear, but our booties are intact.)


David said...

4. I suppose it depends on how you define "accessory." I don't think sharp objects necessarily count as an upgrade, but then what do I know. My gripe is that even without accessories the tires lose air and then I have to notice this enough to get them filled again without filling them so much that they explode. It's a fine line.

7. Sanity is expensive, what can I say? I'll get back to it eventually no doubt.

11. My treasury is vast and can hold multitudes. :)

12. I did find some, but I'm still not sure why. I went into the Mega Hardware Store today and asked about them and the guy looked at me like I'd asked for buggy whips or mustache wax. We found some in the dingiest part of the forgotten aisles, behind the stuff that got marked down from the clearance bins but somehow now recycled, and now I know where they are if I can't convince people that replacing the 4-cell MagLite with an LED version is the proper course of action. We'll see.

Congratulations on your booty! A phrase I never thought I would say to a fellow male, but it's an open-minded era these days! I hope you ate at the Red Iguana, as I remember it fondly and that's a pretty good sign for a restaurant I ate at once several years ago, I think.

LucyInDisguise said...

11. Fine. I guess that even at my advanced age I can learn how to share.

The link I posted will get you the LED bulb for your flashlight without having to replace the whole thing.

The Red Iguana had an unusually (and certainly unreasonably) long line to get indoors for a 45-minute wait. We were unwilling to stand that long in the pollution and 23°F weather. Maybe next time ...


David said...

Oooh! I like that LED bulb. I will have to make that happen - thanks!

Bummer about the Red Iguana. I still have fond memories of that industrial-sized tray of nachos that I nearly finished. Next time I'll get the half order.

With a big honking MagLite, you know you've got a flashlight.