Friday, December 7, 2012

In Sickness and In More Sickness

Well it worked.  We all went in this week to get our flu shots, and lo and behold I do believe I have the flu.

I’m not sure that was the goal, however.

We all went together, all four of us, and they offered us a choice – we could get an actual shot, or we could get the new mist that they spritz up your nose.  For me this was an easy choice. 

I hate needles.  Hate them with a passion that defies logic and common sense.  I have had dental work done without anesthesia in order to avoid the shots, a practice which I do not recommend and which I have since abandoned as not worth the aggravation.  I’ve learned to accept shots, but I still hate them.

So when other options are available, I definitely take them.

It’s a drag being sick, even the little touch of blah that has settled upon me this week – not enough to keep me from doing anything I have to do, just enough to make it more of a chore than it needs to be.  The whole notion of being sick loses its charm sometime in grade school, and by the time you’re an adult you realize that there is nobody to take care of you and feed you chicken soup except you.  And if you miss work it will still be there, only doubled since there is new work now too.

This growing up thing?  It’s got some shortcomings.

It’s been quite a week or two here, and I have not had much time to pay attention to blogging.  But, as Granny Weatherwax always said, “I aten’t dead.”  Just busy. 

And now, thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, sick.

Yee haw.


Lee I said...

I dunno. I think sending the vapor into my breathing apparatus puts it way too close to the action of the flu.

Oh, nuts. I had to edit and now I have an unreadable "security word."

John the Scientist said...

Dude! They did explain the difference between the 2 methods, right? You know where I work, and *I* would not get the nasal spray. I have mild malaise type reactions to the injectable, and I HATE needles, but this is just a pinprick and you don't eve have to look.

David said...

Lee - as opposed to putting it directly into my bloodstream? ;)

John - what part of "a passion that defies logic and common sense" wasn't clear?

Kim and Lauren got the shot; Tabitha and I got the mist. And Kim and I got the mild flu-like symptoms that came after, so it wasn't the vector. Maybe it's just being middle-aged.

Jennifer said...

The only two times I've had the really bad versions of the flu were about a week after getting the flu shot.

Just saying.