Wednesday, April 25, 2012

That Kind of Day

That’s it. I have officially Burned Out.

There is a list of things I need to accomplish today that is longer than I really care to think about. It is preceded by the list of things I should have accomplished yesterday and followed by the list of things for tomorrow. These lists cover long term goals, short term tasks, intermediate range wishful thinking, global needs and specific crises.

And none of them are getting done today.

 I suppose some of this is because it has been a hectic month. But they’re all hectic. Nobody I know has free time anymore.

 It’s been the sort of day where I stare at one task, put it aside, stare at the next task, put that aside, and cycle through the lot of them until I find myself back at the first task with nothing accomplished other than becoming marginally older. I can become older without that kind of effort.

Perhaps I will just call it a day.


Rufus Dogg said...

Oh good... I thought it might just be me. I spent the entire day just reading blog posts.

David said...

I think there must be a lot of us in this boat. Or there ought to be.

Days like this make me wish I were more of a drinking man.

vince said...

Free time is (usually) time you take for myself instead of sleeping. And sometimes on weekends.

KimK said...

Hey- that's just like the cool Windows-Tab feature I found on the computer the other day. Just cycle thru and watch the tasks fly by!