Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meet the New Specs, Same as the Old Specs

My new glasses are in.

You may not be able to tell, since I chose them myself.  Unless Kim comes with me when I choose things, I tend to end up with whatever looks closest to whatever I walked in with.  I find this simpler in the long run, and it certainly explains any number of things about my appearance – shoes, clothing, haircut, and now glasses. 

Mr. Adventure, I am not.

These are not the usual glasses, though, not “under the hood,” as those who have some understanding of automobiles are fond of saying.  I don’t understand automobiles beyond “push the slanty pedal down and it goes forward,” but I do love a good phrase.

No, these are bifocals.  Transition bifocals, which means that there’s no clear line between what you can see and what you can’t – it all blurs together.  So far, literally.

I’ve been wearing these things since I got up this morning and the world has finally stopped looking like it’s covered in jello now, which is good.  I’m still not entirely used to the idea that I have to move my head rather than my eyes to see things, and where the boundaries are for the various focal lengths are still somewhat of a mystery.  But I did manage to drive to the other side of town and back this morning without changing the shape of any of the big iron things on the road, and that has to count for something.

There were donuts at the other end of that trip.  Motivation is important.


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Welcome to the dark side.

I can deal with my transition lenses for everyday, but my combination reading/computer glasses are true bifocals. Keeps things on screens and in print rectilinear. Highly recommend "office glasses".

Dr. Phil

Unknown said...

I didn't need glasses until aged 44, when I got my reading glasses. From time to time you can catch me swearing at the document that makes me get them out of my handbag. "There's no reason to print that so SMALL!"
At least it's better than hot flashses!

David said...

Dr. Phil - I'm going to give these a try for now and see how they go. So far so good - no headache after 24 hours, which is an improvement on my old glasses. If things stay wobbly, though, I'll look into true bifocals. Thanks!

Bea - small print I can handle, but when they print it so fuzzy is when I get bothered. ;)

TimBo said...

I've worn glasses since I was ten, transitions for about 5 years. The big problem I have (at least with the glasses, I have far bigger problems in the rest of my life) is going down stairs. The close vision is at the bottom of the glasses and unless I point my head straight down I can't see the stairs. If I look straight down all I can see are the stairs. I haven't taken a tumble yet, but I'm sure someday I will.

Now, for the rest of my problems ...

John the Scientist said...

Donuts? What happened to the "eat less crap" resolution? ;p

I'm just jerking your chain, one good "crap" day a week helps you keep your resolution for the other 6 days, and keeps morale high.

David said...

Precisely, John.

It's "eat less crap," not "eat no crap," anyway. ;)