Saturday, May 30, 2009


Life is good.

We started out this morning at the local farmer's market, which is not as big and comprehensive as the one up in Madison, but does have the virtue of being not as big or comprehensive. My days of wandering around for hours looking for the perfect jalepeno are long past. Plus this one is both closer and contains kettle corn. Mmmmmmm, kettle corn.

And then, well, jackpot: we wandered over to the library, which was having its annual used book sale.

There is no such thing as too many books. There isn't even any such thing as enough books. There might be such a thing as almost enough books, but I haven't gotten to that point yet so that discussion is purely theoretical at this point.

And when there are carts and carts of books, all of them 75 cents or less, well, such are the times when it is best for the timid to hide in their basements, for we are coming through with a song in our hearts and plunder on our minds. In a quiet, bookish sort of way. It's a very polite style of plunder, though the songs can get a bit odd. Conan the Librarian, at your service, ma'am.

It's a good thing I keep all those canvas grocery bags that the supermarket keeps foisting off on us in the back of my car, as I would have hated to have had to drive my car up to the checkout counter and load all those books in directly. That would have been messy. We ended up with 48 new books, for a grand total of $27. It was a full-family commitment, too. One of my prouder achievements is raising children who regard this sort of thing as a treat.

Looks like it might be a quiet weekend around here, from this point out.

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