Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Where We Are Now

So it turns out that der Sturmtrumper is a deadbeat, which should surprise nobody.

The man has made a living out of destroying the livelihoods of better men and women, out of stiffing his contractors and gutting his investments, leaving others holding the bag while he pockets their money. He’s bragged about this and sees no reason to change. He’s been a two-bit grifter since the day he slithered onto this planet and he will remain so until he improves the general lot of humanity by ceasing to be part of it any longer. The man is a standing argument against the idea of redemption and a magnet for the worst that the species can offer.

And now we know some of the extent of just how bad his financial situation is.

He’s a tax cheat, though most of it is probably not criminally prosecutable. When you’re rich you can hire people to cheat the system legally and you can find millions of stooges who think this is somehow admirable even as the things they depend on government to provide for them get cut for lack of funds. Not all of it is above board of course – the revelations this week include some thoroughly criminal things, and you should remember that it was the IRS, not Eliot Ness, that put Al Capone in jail.

More importantly, however, there is the fact that he is nearly half a billion dollars in debt to persons unnamed, most of them foreign, and that debt is coming due.

There is a reason why American intelligence services consider him to be the single greatest threat to American national security currently in existence. There is a reason why American influence in the world has essentially evaporated under his grotesque mismanagement, why he has alienated allies, coddled dictators, and done everything he could to render the US subservient to hostile powers. He is compromised and controlled by interests that are not those of the United States.

The man is a walking liability.

And an increasingly desperate one.

The only thing keeping him out of jail right now is the blustering array of legal defenses available to a sitting president frantically keeping the law at bay through sheer corruption and authoritarianism, and he will do anything to hold onto them up to and including burning this country to the ground and pissing on the ashes. His depraved actions this year in response to pretty much every crisis that has happened are all you need to see that.

He has a willing army of subversives who see nothing wrong with this, many of whom have more firearms than brain cells and are fully prepared to destroy everything that der Sturmtrumper leaves standing as long as it makes the people they hate feel pain.

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d do in the event of a Fascist takeover of the US, well, now you know.

Hang onto your hats, folks. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


LucyInDisguise said...

I think (though I could be wrong)(I have been wrong about such things before)(Recently, too.) that we're gonna need more than one of those trebuchets.



David said...

We'd best get working on them now, I suppose.