Friday, February 9, 2018

They Say It's Your Birthday

We celebrated my birthday today. 

It was a quiet sort of celebration, really.  I made gravy (spaghetti sauce to you non-Italians, “red sauce” to midwesterners).  We watched the Olympics opening ceremony.  It was nice, though the announcers for the ceremony really needed to hush themselves and let the rest of us enjoy the show.

Of course, my birthday was two months ago, so I suppose making a big deal of it today would have been kind of silly.  What can I say?  Time sort of got away from me.

It’s hard to get an evening with everyone home these days.  I’m busy.  Kim’s busy.  And we have 50% more teenagers than we used to have, so finding an evening where nobody has to be rushing off early or coming home late is pretty much impossible.

But we had a snow day today. 

Snow days are found time.  All of your plans get tossed out, and you can do whatever you want to do as long as it doesn’t involve actually leaving the house for any particular reason or, if you do go outside, not having much of a schedule.  Lauren’s friend Isabella came over and I took them and Tabitha and Fran over to Mel Allen Hill (“Ooooooh, that’s GOTTA hurt!”) for some sledding.  They had a grand time, and then there was hot chocolate.  That was pretty much the extent of our time commitments for the day.

There is never a bad time for a celebration, and holidays happen whenever you have time for them.  I’ll be this age all year, so step right up and raise a glass.

The world will pick up as usual tomorrow.  The streets will have been plowed, errands will have to be run, and Lauren and I need to be at an Event down at Local Businessman High in the evening.  The wheels on the world go ‘round and ‘round.

But tonight we had a nice dinner and a good time.

Happy birthday to me!


LucyInDisguise said...

May we all choose to celebrate when the circumstances move us, and not some number printed on a colander.

Many happy re-runs. F-Troop will always be one of my favorites ...


David said...


I could never quite get into F Troop, sad to say. If I'm going to have happy reruns, I'll head toward Northern Exposure or WKRP in Cincinnati. :)

LucyInDisguise said...

I lean heavily toward slapstick and sight gags - and Larry Storch (Corporal Agarn) always cracked me up; but if we are looking for a compromise, Richard Sanders (Les Nessman) is tough to beat.
And no one, absolutely no one, will ever top the WKRP Thanksgiving episode.

"As god as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

And WKRP had a catchy little theme song, to boot.


David said...

I tend toward wordplay rather than slapstick, but I do like me a good sight gag - especially if it's something that takes a moment to catch.

Way back in the early days of this blog I wrote a post about what I considered the best four lines in television history (to the extent that I have such knowledge). The WKRP Thanksgiving episode was high on that list.

I love that episode. Every year I post a link to it on my Facebook page, because it needs to be done.