Sunday, December 13, 2015

Faces of Lauren, 2015

Every year I go through the digital stack of the year’s photographs, looking for things to put into our Christmas letter.  This happens whether or not we actually get out a Christmas letter, because it’s the thought that counts.

And since 2010, I have also posted the annual Faces of Lauren post commemorating the things that Lauren insists on doing when confronted with a camera lens.

If you are interested in previous versions, you can find them here:


This was once my project, but over the years Lauren has taken on a bigger and more active role in selecting the photographs.  This year it was essentially all Lauren, with my role being reduced to lobbying for a few additions that I felt were too good to pass up.

So most of what you see here has been chosen for you by the star herself.



zythia13 said...

Adirondack chair. Reusable grocery bag. That face is killing me! Ha!!

David said...

She could revive vaudeville all by herself, our Lauren. :)