Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Faces of Lauren, 2011

Every year at this time Kim and I sit down to try to pick a photograph that we can put on our Christmas card. And every year we are confronted with one simple fact: Lauren has a future in vaudeville.

So here is this year’s version of the Faces of Lauren.  Click on the photos to embiggen.

Go get ‘em, kiddo.

(look carefully - she's in there)


TimBo said...

Now I realize why you don't reveal the city you live in. These pictures certainly show signs of extreme torture, imprisonment and even abandonment (#6 clearly shows both girls deserted on a corner with a swamp creature with bloody toes behind them). I marvel that social services has grabbed them. It must be because the girls are so cute that the authorities haven't cottoned onto your nefarious activities.

KimK said...

HA HA!!! Lauren is funny. But if you live with her you can't tell until you see the pictures.

This is Tabby typing! =}

David said...

Now I realize why you don't reveal the city you live in.

Damn, you're on to me. Looks like I'm going to have to flee to some other remote outpost and start life over with a new name, career and family.


Actually #6 was taken at the Wisconsin State Capitol during the protests against Governor Teabagger last winter (as was #5). While I firmly believe that teaching my children what democracy looks like is a parental obligation, I wouldn't be surprised if it actually does become grounds for breaking up families here in Fitzwalkerstan sometime soon.

Nathan said...

I have no idea why you're agonizing over choosing one. #23 is the obvious best. With #25 as a close second choice.

David said...

I liked number 23 too, though I have to admit that number 19 (the one on the little car) is also in the running.

Gristle McThornbody said...

What a hambone! And as an ex-hambone I say that with sincere fondness. At first glance the second picture looks like she has a halo over her head. I'm guessing she'd make a spritely little angel. Cute kids, and they look like they're having a ball everywhere they go.

Tom said...

Oh, no! The eyes! Not the eyes, please no. Arrrggghh!