Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten Observations From a Tired Mind

1. No matter what your professors told you in college, there are such things as stupid questions.

2. I have no idea why Olive Garden even puts desserts on their menu. Who on earth can eat a meal there and still have room for dessert? Maybe arctic explorers, but how many of them eat there?

3. I am surrounded by paper.

4. Eventually you will be able to store all the music ever recorded in human history onto a device no larger than your thumbnail, which you will then send through the laundry and have to do over.

5. I don't remember the last time anyone wrote me an actual letter.

6. The Winter Olympics in Vancouver have been fun to watch despite NBC's efforts.

7. Firehouses all smell the same.

8. You, personally, are the only competent driver on the roads today. All others should have their licenses revoked, their cars stripped of parts and turned into sculptures, and their parking skills videotaped for future ridicule.

9. Chickens are misunderstood creatures. And so very tasty.

10. There isn't a bed in the world big enough to keep your cat from crowding you out on a cold winter's night.


Unknown said...

Amen for number ten.

Kathleen said...

Re: #8
Are you sure you don't live in Rhode Island? My children will not be allowed to learn to drive here.

KimK said...

11. Ummm...what was that I wanted to mention?

Tria said...

10. so true.