Friday, November 14, 2008

Foamy Delights

There are two slabs of foam slowly inflating on top of the girls' beds right now. It's really kind of eerie how they do that - like they were coming to life or something. I keep expecting a pale foamy hand-like pseudopod to reach out and steal my wallet.

They are an odd off-white color and they have a soft, yielding texture as if they have never fully congealed, but I know from experience that eventually they will be capable of supporting the weight of a sleeper. Sort of.

We have one on our bed, and it is an odd sensation when you climb aboard and then slowly sink into your own cozy, surprisingly warm personal divot. Sound gets muffled. Acid rock comes unbidden to your mind. Your muscles lose their ability to power your limbs. Eventually, Keanu Reeves drops by and tells you which pill to take.

Naturally, we felt this was an experience that our children ought to have. Because we can't get enough of Keanu "Bogus!" Reeves, that's why. Is it just me or does everybody expect him to fall into his Bill and Ted character no matter what movie he's in? That thought certainly livened up Dracula for me, anyway. We'll be sure to get an autograph, provided our muscles are obeying our will at that point.

Tonight will be the test. No doubt the girls will be so rapturously comfortable that they will sleep until all hours on a Saturday morning. And thus our fiendish plan stands revealed.

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