Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Gonna Git You, Saqqarah.

A while back Uncle Geoff and Uncle Wall-E came by for a visit. We had a fine time, hitting the local barbecue establishment, visiting the pumpkin patch, and eventually working our way up to Kim's parents' house for a festive evening of Ukrainian food.

While he was here, Geoff bequeathed unto us a scourge. It is an enjoyable scourge, and fun for the whole family, but a scourge nonetheless. We now are the proud owners of Saqqarah.

The seed is planted.

For those of you who do not play computer games - and by and large I count myself in that category, since Minesweeper is generally as sophisticated as I get - Saqqarah is a multi-level matching, logic and speed game in which the aim is to remove jewels of varied colors from various matrices, all the while being harassed by a blue gorilla and serenaded by music from an ancient Egyptian bordello.

It is surprisingly addictive.

We have gotten to the point now where we simply do not have enough computers. Tabitha has a game in progress on Kim's computer. Lauren and Kim have games in progress on mine, which is somewhat faster because it has fewer gizmos and toys on the hard drive. My game is also on my computer, forever emitting the siren call of procrastination when I should be doing something more important, such as, oh, anything. But I'm not alone - nobody gets any work done around here anymore. Even when we're not playing our own games, we're watching someone else play theirs and giving them unwanted advice. Fortunately there are no sharp objects near the computers, otherwise either the spectators or the blue monkey would end up perforated.

I'm not entirely sure what will happen when someone exhausts all the Temples of Jewelry and reaches the end. Perhaps the monkey will give us a banana - or, preferably, a bourbon.

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